Lumity Life…Month 1

Lumity Life

Ok, first things first I’ve got a really bad habit of walking round the supermarket in my gym kit and no make up…I’m just putting it out there.

‘Oh wow, what have you done to your skin, you look kind of glowy’

True story, it’s even better when you bump into your friend who has the diplomacy of a house brick.

Anyway, back to the post in hand, I was going to do the whole three months thing and review after that. However, if you are anything like me I don’t like waiting; so I decided after the first month I’d write it now.

Month one of Lumity has been super easy, the reason being it’s an inside and outside job! The anti aging facial oil absorbs like a dream and the supplements are easy to take every morning and night.

Ok, weirdly I noticed the skin on the back of my hands change after just over two weeks, they felt softer.

After the first month, the dreaded lines around the eyes began to soften, noticeably.

I’ve always been ‘kind of ’careful with my food, however the past month or so has seen restaurant reviews (ie beautiful but very different eating habits), birthdays and I’m currently writing this in a pit lane on 28 degree heat.

As I said, even though I have a three month supply, I really wanted to show it actually does work. I’m very open with the fact I had botox in October
To conclude…. I’m converted

P.S. Cheryl Cole is a big fan too




I should have been born in the Med... ok, so granted my skin  makes pasta look tanned, apart from that I am very much a big fan of the sunnier parts of Europe.

Obviously the weather and family, but it's the more natural approach to food and lifestyle too.

After Italy, I'm a massive fan of Greece, Crete especially. My last visit to the island was a stay at the amazing Blue Palace Resort, and that's where I discovered and fell for the Korres beauty brand.

So you can imagine how happy I was when the latest Korres products arrived. I've been using them for 10 days and I love them.

KORRES was the first to add real edible Yoghurt to the long list of efficacious natural ingredients though the iconic, best-selling Yoghurt Cooling Gel, a scientific achievement. The new Yoghurt bodycare essentials, including Showergel, Body Milk, Body Butter and Hand Cream, are powered with the leading ingredient’s ultra-moisturising properties to deliver lasting hydration, deep nourishment and smoothing action.

Yoghurt makes an excellent cosmetic ingredient due to its levels of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins, which increase the moisture levels in the upper layers of the skin. Protein, a basic constituent of the skin in combination with lactose both nourish and restructure. These properties are ‘wrapped’ in the new Yoghurt bodycare collection for an exceptionally soft texture and pure, clean aroma for a totally soft, moisturized and refreshed skin.

I'm using the Yoghurt shower gel followed by the body milk every morning and evening after showering and it's cooling softening properties have made a difference in the ten days I've been using it.... plus it smells yummy!

Available from and Marks & Spencers.



Good skin starts from within... Well, to be fair, mine is far from perfect but it's got better as of late.

Why? two things (and I wish I could say it was sleep, or not eating biscuits) I'm a massive fan of Super Elixer by Wellco, I swear by it. Number two....

Chocolate. Yes, for the past month I've had chocolate for breakfast. before you reach for the Dairy milk, read the next few sentences. Esthechoc was introduced to me by the gorgeous Clare who I work with at Sacred Home ( ) it's a real mix of medicine and magic, and yes this works.

It's basically Chocolate meets Collagen , feeding your skin from the inside out. Sceptical? I was , nothing changed for 10 days (or maybe I was looking too much?) then, weirdly, my hands and décolletage felt super soft.

By Day thirty, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth were noticeably smoother.

Is it worth it? Yes, it's less than the cost of a facial and it DOES work.

Message Claire via social media @sacred_home for more info.

Sticking to the minimal theme, I'm totally loving being lash free at the moment, I'm three weeks into using Lilash . When my lashes were removed, my pale (yes, I'm weird, blonde lashes, dark hair) weren't looking too great.

I've been fortunate that Caroline (see below article) has taken care of my lashes, however, the gym 5 times and week and me being as clumsy as I am does not help.

I'm going to be brave and say look closely at the above pic (It's not been edited, just great light and a layer of Ferne Beauty Fake Tan, Spice lip liner by Mac,Charlotte Tilsbury bronzer, Technic Cosmetics highlighter, using Spectrum Brushes). I'm wearing Technic Cosmetics Mascara ( once coat lashes and brows - yes I'm lazy) and the results of Lilash are showing already.

Visit for more info!



Not quite... I just get waylaid by other things. My every day make up consists of tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier, lashes and brows (do not ever ignore the importance of brows!)

I'm a huge fan of semi permanent make up .... especially brows and lashes

Keep looking on my beauty pages as my amazing friend is launching very soon.

So this time a few winters ago, I was sitting on a beach in Oman, however this year has been all about focusing on my label and more importantly spending time with family and friends.
That hasn’t stopped me cultivating a beaut of a tan though. Ever the fan of independent labels, I’m totally in love with Madame LA LA.
An exclusive indie beauty brand and self-tanning celebrity favourite inspired by LA, Malibu beach, the Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule - delivering the ultimate LA Glow! A combination of Coco Water and hydrating skincare benefits infused into a beachy coconut fragrance work to bronze, smooth and slim whilst emulating a quintessential ‘LA tan’ with style. Celeb fans include...Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens.
Founded by American-Brit Nicole Dash Jones, a British born beauty entrepreneur and artist/songwriter who has spent a fair bit of time living in LA.
Madame LA LA is the first beauty brand to launch a DD self tan to recognise the benefits of Coco Water within skincare. The range is a ‘dynamic do-all’ face and body tan, infused with a Hollywood must have Coco Water.
“The hydrating and detoxing self tan mousse combines many natural anti-ageing ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E to ensure a long lasting natural tan and glowing skin that is well cared for. Madame LA LA Tan and Light provide an instant year-round LA look that develops quickly and fades naturally, with smoothing and skin finishing benefits to compliment an iconic sun-kissed glow all the way from LA LA LAND. The combination of ingredients enables the quick-dry tan to instantly colour correct, reducing the appearance of cellulite, lumps, bumps and uneven skin tones. The tan is a streak-free modern formulation.”
As well as the above, I’m totally obsessed with Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball, a 180°colour cosmetics twist-up cream bronzer – no makeup brushes needed! Bronzing Ball achieves an easy year round bronzed glow in effortless strokes – one shade suits all. Infused with Vit E & Coco Water hydrating properties the luminous and glimmering shade with a 180° dome applicator is easy to use for bronzing, contouring and highlighting the cheeks, lips and eyes.
Visit my instagram account @miss_stylust for more feedback or click on the following link to purchase at


The Wellbeing Centre at The Hair Business. hair As I approach pop up number five this year in my home town of Cowbridge,  I've had the opportunity to work with the amazing local businesses. As a massive supporter of independent brands and labels, it's only natural to be drawn to my contemporaries. I've been a massive fan of Leigharne's ethos at The Hair Business for as long as I can remember. However, The Hair Business is not just amazing hair. After training five days in a row and setting up the designer Pop up, I was feeling a little bit achy to say the least.

So I booked in with Naomi who works for The Wellbeing Centre for the most amazing back, neck and shoulder massage. It was literally 30 minutes of switch off, but I can't recommend it enough.

The staff At The Well Being Centre are BSc (Hons) trained experienced therapists that provide a range of the highest quality clinical reflexology, holistic massage clinical aromatherapy services to enhance their client’s health and well-being.

Contact them:

facecream 330km later .... Two weeks ago, I cycled from London to my home town of Cowbridge with my friends for charity. As you've kind of gathered, I'm not exactly low maintenance when it comes to some things (eyebrows, check. Hair, check) , more importantly as an avid fan of fake and bronzers it's clear in 'real life' my skin needs a little help. So, I was rather spoilt to receive HEVL SPF 50 face crème a month before it even launched . "One of the first SPF products developed in the UK to protect skin from a harmful 3rd light ray called HEVL (High Energy Visible Light). Modern research proves HEVL rays are AS harmful to skin as UVA & UVB light rays combined and so protecting against them is going to be a very important factor in the future of SPF skin products". We all know that UVA and UVB sun rays damage skin. What’s not so well known is a 3rd type of harmful ray called High Energy Visible Light (HEVL). HEVL are basically rays produced by daylight, whether its sunny or just light, these harmful rays can damage exposed skin. So as cute as my freckles are, I was impressed not only to be burn free for the first day and a half, the second day was torrential rain that didn't help matters either. The HEVL SPF50 Face Crème offers 3-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and HEVL.It also contains prebiotics to help strengthen and maintain the natural skin barrier. With a skin coloured tint I used it almost like a protective layer instead of foundation. The recent sunshine means I've been using it as base underneath my bronzer. FREE from MI, SLS, parabens and perfumes HEVL SPF 50 Face Crème costs £19.95 (50ml). Available exclusively from         lazzymakeup It's all about the skincare today... I've been spending time with the amazing Zoe Lazaris (Brows by Zoe) and my quest for the minimum time and maximum effects has been rewarded over the past few days. It's also reminded me to update you with the Lazy girl's guide to beauty post too... So, after my love for Lilash, I need to introduce you to super clean skin via DermaTx. Ok, so I'm a little bit of a clean freak, but training 5-6 times a week and swapping the gym to cycling (see my main posts tomorrow!) means that my skin has taken on the elements in some cases. dermatx   I've used the dermabrasion cream 2/3 times a week for a month and used Bryt Skincare cleansing foam with the brush attachment. Results? better than I thought, smooth skin, less fine lines, something that actually works. The only thing I will say, you may need to use a heavier night cream or as in my case I switched to a custom blend cream for combination skin. It's a must for smoother skin. available from or follow me on twitter for more info from DermaTx themselves. Lilash....contourSo there's no filter or photoshop. A self confessed lash extension addict, I was rather dubious of lash serums. However, three months on and I'm obsessed. This is the perfect remedy to short lashes. However, be patient. The first few weeks I was convinced it wasn't working at all. Then all of a sudden, my lashes grew. and grew and grew some more.... contourlashes Would I recommend it? 100% visit for more information   Finishing Touches.... IMG_6760

Ok, so it's now pretty obvious what would I like to look and what actually happens are two completely different things.

Since moving from London back to the mother country, I've crept slowly into my own version of sports luxe (gym kit and lashes anyone?).

Therefore on the subject of polished v pull-ups has only one answer for me, and it's a resounding NO.

Wall ball in the face before a black tie dinner? yup that's me. Head first off my bike... oh, that'll be me.

So my craving for fashion and beauty are slightly at odds with my methods of keeping fit. However, never one to let the side down....

I was super happy to receive these beautiful nails from Elegant Touch and I cannot recommend them enough.


Available in Boots stores nationwide.           House of Holland and Elegant Touch

nails2As I'm preparing for some amazing shoots over the next few months (as well as the launch of my own label) I've been beyond fortunate with the amazing brands I've worked with. On a shoot I love every single detail down to the make up, everything . So of course the perfect collaboration was with Elegant touch and their house of Holland Range.

As you can see by the picture below, I'm a huge fan already. tomorrow I have a day full of meetings , including the planning of an amazing photoshoot with a beyond talented artist on her way from  the U.S. Follow my instagram tomorrow for a beauty and fashion filled day of meetings. Instagram: @stylustonline                             nails1

SHOW Beauty  showdry6 After a productive morning of meetings last thursday, I popped into SHOW Beauty for a signature blow dry on my way to my investor meeting and a catch up with my gorgeous friends in Notting Hill. As you walk into the salon, you can feel and smell the brand that Tamara Ecclestone has created. from Leila and her team of stylists to the beautiful vanilla, amber signature scent of SHOW products and dyptique candles, it feels warm luxurious and totally welcoming. showdry7   My stylist Giovanni blow dried my thick wavy hair perfectly, I flicked through online magazines via the ipads that are in front of you, whilst sipping on a super healthy green smoothie. All in 45 minutes .... perfect! sho2   Visit : 173 Westbourne Grove London W11 2RS 0333 006 8888   Bryt Skincare bryt After the most amazing facial at Cobella, I wanted to keep my skin hydrated and as healthy as I could. I had learnt a lot from Almaz my gorgeous therapist; easpecially about hydration in and out. My four litres of water per day were good but my skin clearly was like it's owner.... always wanting more. When I received Bryt skincare products it was perfect timing as I was looking forward to starting a new skincare routine. Beautiful skin in 3 easy steps… 1.  Cleanse 2.  Nourish 3.  Protect BRYT Skincare has devised this simple 3 step system to be used morning and night ... I'm looking forward to the results. visit for more info, and of course; watch this space!   cobella Cobella Salons.

As Promised, here’s the update on my visit to Cobella, five days later my skin is better, it’s definitely clearer.

I met Natasha the owner after running from the tube in pouring rain, not the best entrance; however her warm welcome into the beautiful Cobella Kensington salon totally put me at ease.

(After a stylist kindly saved my hair disaster ) I went downstairs to their treatment rooms. My therapist Almaz was not only beautiful, but took time to go through every step of the facial (however below she has assisted me on the overview as I have to be honest; I almost drifted off).

The Guinot signature facial deeply cleanses & rebalances the skin by using a blend of electrical currents & botanical actives. Starting with a cleanse, exfoliation and skin analysis. A suitable ionised gel is applied to the face and neck and broken down in to the skin using the galvanic current facial rollers. This has a deep cleansing and hydrating effect. This is followed by a high frequency anti bacterial and oxygenated treatment. The oxygen cream is applied and the high frequency current is applied. “High frequency electrical current has been shown to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, improves pore size reduction and skin care product absorption. A relaxing and effective lymphatic facial massage is preformed using a collagen enriched cream followed by an application of an eye mask and a suitable treatment face mask. During the time the mask is left on, you also receive a relaxing hand and arm massage. The facial is completed with application of an anti aging eye cream, intense hydration serum and suitable face cream.”

Just to add a more personalised touch to your facial and to give best results possible Almaz replaced the guinot toner for the epicuren protein enzyme toner which promotes cellular rejuvenation.

“I also used the epicuren hydrating mineral mask on the delicate/ dehydrated areas and the chai soy mud mask on the congested area.”

This was finished off with a blast of pure medical grade oxygen and a blend of vitamins and minerals The best thing is each and every visit can be varied all depending on how the skin is behaving, holidays, work stresses our skin changes with the seasons.

My lovely host for the weekend, who has wonderful skin himself complimented me, and I did notice a big difference, I don't normally do the make up free pictures; however I am beyond happy with the result.

botox free

 Contact Cobella at or visit their salon at 5, Kensington High street, London.     Estechoc choc Loving the theory.... I'm 5 days in, will share the outcome. Esthechoc is the result of 10 years of extensive research and medical trials so I'm looking forward to the outcome, plus eating chocolate everyday? what's not to like? My botox free search continues, in the meantime visit or Harrods for more info. Will keep you updated... Talika UK Ok, my botox free search continues. Last week was the perfect test for said quest.... a house move, meetings and two jobs. All good fun though. Last week was also a week of reviewing some pretty cool products too. Jessica  introduced me to two wonderful brands.... It was only mid week,  but my forehead had literally been twisted in a knot via winding myself up, too many coffees and a long car journey to our factory for THE MAC. Therefore, by 11pm I was freshly showered and horizontal on my sofa with a Talika Hydrating Bio Mask . photo 2 Talika is long-standing French beauty brand renowned for its  restorative anti-ageing skincare and light therapy innovations and their Hydrating Bio Masks act as a “second skin” to " transform a moment of treatment into a moment of real pleasure and well-being. Made of Biocellulose, their structure is 100% bio-compatible with your skin to directly deliver active ingredients to your epidermis. Their first bio-cellulose mask to lift and firm your neckline. With its tightening effect this Bio Enzymes mask redefines, hydrates and smoothes your neckline." This mask is specifically dedicated to redefine and reshape your face and neck, via a mixture  of Hyaluronic acid that Plumps and smoothes, Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise, as well as 16 different vitamins and extracts. What did I think? It was the perfect end to the day, and the following morning my skin certainly looked a lot better than it should have considering the caffeine and hours in the car the day previously. I think by leaving the product on my skin over night aso was beneficial too.... Would I recommend? 100%.... Talika can be purchased at Space NK or follow them on twitter @TalikaUK     photo 1 lashess Thank you Aimee Ok, I admit I'm lazy.  Not in an overall slob kind of way; but a 'cannot sit and do hair and make up for an hour before I go out kind of way" So, extensions ... yes, Fake tan ....Yes , Brows, Yes and Lashes... Lashes are so my thing and I was lucky enough to have high definition brows by Aimee of the Lash & Brow Bar Cardiff on Friday. To start with, I had my brow treatment, if any of you have seen my instagram (@stylustonline)  it's pretty clear I follow my beloved father in that respect, his brow game is strong to be fair.  I had Taylored High Definition brows. these are £30 and the treatment takes on average 30 minutes. This treatment follows 7 steps to create a brow personalised to you. So with a new client Aimee will look at their eye and hair colour, and skin tone to decide what will best suit them. The 7 steps are as follows, consultation where she will discuss all these factors, tinting of the hairs to pick up all the hairs so she has as much to work with when shaping as possible, Next is waxing, this is where Aimee will do the majority of the shaping. Tweezing to tidy and get more definition into them. Trimming to streamline the hairs so they sit perfectly. she then goes on to threading, the threading is mostly above the brow, around the temples and hairline to clean up the whole area so that your attention is only on the perfectly defined brows. She will  then apply a soothing post treatment cream to soothe the skin and apply a mineral concealer to that our clients can leave without a giveaway red forehead. So in a nutshell the 7 steps are consultation, tinting, waxing, trimming, tweezing, threading and finishing/concealing. The lashes I had were  Express individual lashes. These take on average around 45 minutes, so much quicker than the individual lashes that get infilled take. The great thing about this type of lash is you can have them done as a quick fix in your lunch hour and the lashes can last with the correct aftercare on average between 2-3 weeks. lashes3   "Each lash is individually applied one by one to create a very realistic, natural and beautiful finish. We build up the length and thickness gradually as it can be totally personalised to each clients needs and wants. We use something called a J curl lash which gives a very natural curl to the lashes which helps with creating a beautifully realistic appearance." Aimee has been doing my brows and lashes for two years and can be booked via Stylust meets St Tropez Shower and Glow shower-and-glow-st-tropez St Tropez says... " The UK's first ever product that uses water to promote a gradual tan, this unique streak-free formulation activates on clean, wet skin, in three minutes flat. This no nonsense hero allows you to minimise grooming time and enjoy an even and natural looking glow, without the fuss and time traditionally associated with tanning - perfect for those with busy lifestyles, or if you're simply looking for a low maintenance all year round glow. " Firstly, I am writing as someone who has gone through numerous brands and deviations of fake tan. Naturally I have what only be described as pale blue skin with a smattering of freckles, by mid summer my excitement peaks as my freckles multiply and I apply sun cream in the hope that don't burn my shoulders. My brother kindly informed me once when; en route to the annual family holiday in Mallorca, that I was the only person he knew that comes back from holiday paler than when they left. So, on receiving this, not only was I looking forward to trying the product, I was also looking forward to keeping my white bedding white.

Ok, I'm a fan of Laurens Way, however I wanted to try this in respects to the three minute turnarounds.

Basically, you shower as normal. Apply to wet skin and wait three minutes (in my case attempt to remover nail varnish and shiver) then rinse it off whilst the tan develops over the next few hours.

Does it Work? Yes. However (and it maybe due to my Casper the ghost credentials) the second application was in my case the one that had the most noticeable change.

Do I recommend it? Yes, it works, my bed sheets are saved and I don't get mistaken for a milk bottle.

All for the bargain sum of £15.00

 kitbox twosummer2

        Stylust meets Skinade, The Results

skinade collagen drink
“Skinade is a drink. It works from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.” According to the packaging that is…. So, me being a cynic that spends two to three days a week travelling for my job, multiple hours in a car, tube and, oh did I tell you I dont sleep and I train five times a week; was kind of looking forward to this. And here are the results ( I wasnt going to do a full on close up, didnt want to scare anyone). I am wearing a layer of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser .

Here are the Skinade guidelines…

    • After 4 to 6 days they begin to feel a difference in their skin: It is softer and more hydrated.
    • After 10 to 14 days they begin to see a visible difference in their skin: It is more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing.
    • Between 2 to 4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
    • After the 4 to 6 weekly skin-renewal cycle, the improvements continue to build. Individual results will vary but, with continued use on a daily basis, your skin will continue to improve

Here are my Guidelines…

  •  To be fair, I used this religiously for 20 days. Combined with  my clean(ish) eating and a paleo(ish) diet I’d like to think what I ingest isn’t that bad. The first few days I was a bit, ‘so whats the big deal then’ .
  • By week two I was head long into a very stressful seven days combined with a throat infection. Team that with lack of exercise and carb consumption, I was cruising for a breakout. The break out never happened,  my mother (she of the perfect skin having avoided sun and bad stuff all her life) actually complimented me.
  • By week three (last week) I actually noticed a massive difference all of a sudden, my skin felt softer, pores reduced and lines around my eyes a little less.

To Conclude… It works,  persevere. It’s expensive but worth it. Everyone is different but I was really impressed with the outcome. to find out more visit or follow me on twitter @stylustonline

Stylust Meets Skinade

what is skinade?

Skinade is a drink. It works from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Developed by leading UK scientists and manufactured in the UK, our patent-pending formulation contains high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients. “Our high-grade collagen is sourced from fresh-water fish, which is low in sodium and avoids mercury contamination. It is a precious ingredient and we include 7000mg in each bottle. Skinade contains only the highest quality ingredients with no artificial flavours or colouring and fewer than 35 calories. With natural flavours of peach and mangosteen, it offers a pleasant tasting and convenient addition to your daily skincare regime. Drinking Skinade on a daily basis results in firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and repairs connective tissue, so you’ll also benefit from stronger, healthier and faster-growing hair and nails.” So, thats what they say! I’m not only excited to be testing their products (as you can see previously, I’m a massive fan of natural products AEOS Skincare), as a stylist I’m working on an exciting secret project.

Stylust meets Cool Contours.coolcontours blog

Last week my gorgeous friend Lucia invited me to her new day spa in Windsor. From the outside it looks like a beautiful spa, so far so beautiful.

From a mother of two on benefits to a successful business woman, Lucia has created this unique business from scratch in less than three years.

Luxury Brands such as Elemis and Skinade are stocked and lashes and pedicures are treatments that are offered, however the real USP in what Lucia has cornered the market in is non-invasive treatments.

All the therapists at Coolcontours are qualified experts with vast experience between them. It is there passion to constantly strive to increase their knowledge of the business while keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments and especially unique treatments.

As you can see by the picture above, my therapist first of all gave me a diamond dermabrasion facial, followed by a HIFU facial. (The technical bit is next)


"High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin’s collagen and therefore improving the texture and reducing sagging and drooping of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift without any invasive type of surgery or injections; an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as other parts of the body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colours, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense pulse lights.

  The HIFU skin-tightening procedure is usually performed using a smooth hand piece that delivers highly focused ultrasound energy that safely heats up the subcutaneous layer at designated depth. Most clients will need only one session. Results will appear over 2 to 3 months or even up to 6 months following treatment. Your body will continue to produce fresh collagen over the course of the next year. You can have repeat top up treatments should you require them." As you may know from previous posts I am on a self imposed botox ban, so over the next few posts I will trying (truthfully) different treatments to see if there is an alternative. So what did I think? First off, the staff are lovely and knowledgeable ( I was asking all sorts of stupid questions) and they put you totally at ease.... As for the treatments, they were more relaxing than I thought to be honest. the combination of the dermabrasion and the facial meant it was an almost instant result. The full effects will appear over 6-8 weeks, but I'm convinced my cheekbones are a little sharper!! I love Lucia's ethos behind her company, and it's less than an hour from London; thus making it the perfect destination for anti-aging procedures. Their number is 01753 857889 and address is 278 Dedworth Road, Windsor, SL4 4JR or visit their website cool count Joan Collins Beauty Joan-Collins-joan-collins-30681976-2560-2534

A Hollywood icon, Joan Collins is famous for her timeless beauty. The range was launched  to inspire  the millions of women, who admire her beauty, glamour, spirit and style.

“Having learnt from the best in the business, Joan Collins has refined her beauty techniques and knowledge”

“I have incredibly high expectations so demanded to take advantage of the latest scientific skincare ingredients and formulations available to create a range that was truly effective whilst also stylish and easy to use. My aim was to make the range glamorous, empowering and attainable.”

The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Collection consists of a signature cosmetics range, including ‘Divine Lips’ lipstick, famously worn by Joan; inspired by the many strong female roles Joan has played throughout her career, with Nail Lacquers to match. I usually go for a smokey eye look but I used the eye defining pencil , lipstick and lip gloss with my usual flint & flint primer and Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser base.


With an Art Deco style, the products have been presented and beautifully packaged to an exceptional quality. Inspirational beauty from a unique and glamorous icon – Joan Collins Timeless Beauty aims to empower others to look and feel beautiful whatever their age. joan(Top Patrizia Pepe, Rings by W1Edit , sunglasses by Michael Kors.) How I wore…..An alternative to liquid eye liner (see below), pencils can be smudged and blended easily to create a variety of looks. The soft pencil is made with ‘Japan wax’ obtained from the berries and stems of the Rhus Succedanea tree, a native of East Asia and includesVitamin E. As soft as it felt, it was easy to use and to create a sharp strong line.   Find out more about these products via my twitter feed @stylustonline or visit Harrods in store or via the website     Fashion meets Fitness via Sassoon Salons   sassoon new logo I’m super happy to be working with Sassoon as their ambassador blogger, especially the talented ladies in the Cardiff salon. From laid-back chic to sporty slick hair, Jessica Davies, Creative Director at Sassoon Salon, Cardiff gives expert tips on achieving the flawless gym looks. Game on! Jessica created the look for my shoot with Green Lamb, hope you love it too… Sporty Slick Hair V Laid Back Chic. Sporty Slick Hair INSIDER KNOWLEDGE:  “To make this look wearable, think super-shiny rather wet,” says Jessica THE LOOK: For a super-sexy and effortless look, work Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish through your roots before combing your hair back, off your face. Pull the product down to the mid-lengths, and leave the ends to dry naturally for a dual-effect. TIP: The wet hair look exudes laidback elegance. For an extra-shiny finish a shine spray for an all-day sporty slick effect Laid Back Chic INSIDER KNOWLEDGE:  “The Beachy Tousle is timeless and looks effortless. It’s less about bed-head and more about soft, chic hair,’ says Jessica.

THE LOOK: Apply a spray conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate to retain sleekness and prevent hair from becoming frizzy. Wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand, pinning each curl to your head with a grip. Once you’ve curled every section, unclip and shake out. Finish with a light mist of Sassoon Professional Motion Hold for flexible hold.

TIP: Hair should have beautiful texture and a dishevelled finish, but shouldn’t feel over-styled.

The Prepster Plait V Polished Ponytails

The Prepster Plait

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: “There is something endlessly appealing about a braid, especially when it was shown in so many ways this season,” says Jessica.

THE LOOK: Perfect plaits begin with the perfect prep, after rough-drying your hair into a loose undone texture, spritz hair with salt spray or a texturizing product, such as Wella Ocean Spritz to act as a grip for the braid and also for a lived-in texture.

TIP: Sections on top can be teased out and wispy flyways will create a dishevelled, romantic look.

Polished Ponytails

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE: “The desirable ponytail has texture, style and insouciance without looking ‘too’ done,” says Jessica.

THE LOOK: Blow-dry your hair into a low side parting and pull into a sleek ponytail at the nape of the neck. Smooth on a generous amount of Sassoon Professional, Diamond Polish and comb straight down on either side of the part for a smooth and gorgeous gloss finish.

TIP: For a modern, luxe option, take a small section of hair out of the ponytail, wrap it around the band and secure with a pin.

lorna5lessyellow1 contact Jessica at Sassoon on 02920 644222

  wlnderful hair 2
As you may have noticed, I’m on a full on beauty mission right now on the blog. The new season has seen amazing new health and beauty products. From the amazing Skinade to spectrum brushes.The catwalks were sporting boho chic in a more polished way this time, Emilio Pucci lead the way with glossy waves and centre partings. Perfect excuse in that case to visit Wonderful Hair HQ in London.Using keratin to create flat shaped bonds, they look is as natural as it could possibly be. The bonds lay flat on your scalp and are the same colour as the hair lock.The quality of the hair is amazing and it performs just like the hair on your own head. This means that you can use curling tongs, rollers, a flat iron, or blow-dry it into whatever style you want.The best bit though, is it’s custom blended so it matches perfectly with your hair. For more information visit or follow me @stylustonlinewonderful hair
Stylust meets Pump & Pout
As you may have gathered, I’m totally won over by anything that means I do less on the beauty front the better…. I don’t mean being totally lazy, but I’m a proud owner of a pair of fabulous semi-permenant eyebrows by Rachel Kennedy, LOVE my Wonderful Hair extensions… you kind of get it now, polished without constantly topping up my make up.
So of course when my amazing friend behind this product sent me one to try, I was super excited and here’s the results!
beauty blog
I think we have all kind of gathered I’m not twenty-one anymore, so I must admit I’ve tried fillers in the past; so I’m kind of used to a little bit of change in volume. However, you never really expect a big difference when you try a non invasive approach.
,Until now… One word;  Wow. Totally didn’t expect the results I got.
“We’re giving you the opportunity to have luscious, fuller lips, without having to endure the pain of injection fillers.”
Yup, it did what it said it would. Obviously not a permanent solution, but it’s perfect for a instant hit. “You can create the pout you desire by following these simple steps. (Please refer to the leaflet inside the box OR ‘How To use’ tab online for full directions of use)”
1. Firstly mix a drop of the lip pumping serum into the lip gloss provided 2. Mix the serum into the lip gloss for 20 seconds 3. ENJOY your fabulous new lips It’s that easy, I’m totally obsessed with this product. The PUMP & POUT also has a lasting effect when used regularly apparently, I will keep you posted! beauty blog 2 Apologies for my rubbish selfie, the picture does not do the product justice. To find out more visit or follow @Laurens_way on twitter.



Ok, we all know I’m a massive fan of big hair, so of course the invite to master the art of spring styling with Sassoon UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield at the Cardiff Sassoon salon was the perfect start to the week.

Tuesday saw the salon welcome clients , for an evening of blow dries, champagne,  canapes  hosted by Sassoon’s UK Creative Director, Bruce Masefield.

We watched Jessica and Bruce in action as he demonstrated how to create some ‘Blow & Style’ looks that we could create at home for the new season.

The Spring Summer catwalks inspired us with beach waves from Pucci to braids at Vera Wang and Bruce introduced us to those trends and more. With a warm and approachable approach he talked us through trends and key products throughout the evening.

The ladies of Cardiff did not disappoint, full of questions they kept him on his toes and he was full of advice, with the salon team on hand afterwards for consultations.

To find out more visit or follow me on twitter @stylustonline

p.s. thank you so much for the compliments on my outfit ladies, a subtle take on the 70s feel with a silk maxi skirt by Negarin London and a simple T by Helmut Lang…. will tell you more about this fabulous label tomorrow xx