Rain Fashion meets Stylust

My love of independent fashon has gone into overdrive the past few weeks...

Having met the team behind Rain , I can honestly say I could wear every single piece from the collection.

It also appear Kate Nash is a fan too!

  R a I N offers something for the grown-up hippy. With a passion for decoration, finishes and vintage style. using opposites, like combining masculine with feminine and contemporary takes on retrospectives styles.

" From gaucho girl to studio 54, its the free spirit, the care-free driven style that has inspired"

The whole jeans and a top phenomena is back again .... so rocking a mermaid tomboy look, with an open back ocean blue top, I added a sparkle to my Saturday night.

The pieces are available online or .... I'm super excited to say, that I'm part of team Rain and I will be covering sales!

So check out www.rainfashion.co.uk or send me a message



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