So it’s only recently I’ve bit the bullet and focused entirely on my Digital Marketing work, along with a house move and some pretty exciting client projects.

From embracing my inner petrol head (blame my father for that one) with a racing team to working with the most beautiful interiors this side of London, it’s been a hectic few months but Oakley Digital is looking rather positive.

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

One of the best things though has meant that it now blends perfectly with blogging and growing Stylust alongside building my client’s online audience.

As I type this at 10.30pm after an afternoon of writing press releases I’m still wide awake and smiling.

I’m currently looking at images from my latest collaboration, nothing new….

Or is it, not only do I now work with the amazing team at Bellisimos (check the beauty pages for more info – and I’ve got a post waiting in the wings to tell you more). I had a pretty exciting email from the PR team at BooHoo.

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

You’ve probably guessed by now I’m not in my twenties.

And this is the thing, It’s the thirty something bloggers and their readers that are growing in numbers.

The thing is, ten years ago I would not have had the confidence to stand in front of a camera, write like I do and present to clients. I think this is relatable to my readers and followers too. It’s so lovely to see messages from people who get my sometimes craziness but the things I write about.

So, I’m standing in a pair of shorts, cowboy boots and a shirt, loving life and new blonde hair.

Thank you BooHoo, maybe Google may need the change the following…‘ is a UK based online fashion retailer aimed at 16-30 year olds’

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