Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

can’t tell you how excited I was when I asked Carla at Bellisimos Hair if she would turn me blonde.

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics, sharing the same clean lines and white interiors and just a handful of steps away.

You can see they have the same attention to detail here too. Pristine quilted white chairs face full length mirrors with the latest Dyson Hair dryers and GHDs are either side in their city centre salon, creating a calm and polished atmosphere, just steps away from the bustle of the shops and bars.

Naturally I’m dark… very dark (taking after my father in more ways than one!) with dark thick hair, sadly I didn’t inherit the olive skin.

So, with a pale freckled complexion I felt on times it was a bit of a stark contrast. Four years ago, I lived in London and then Essex. I did the whole bleach blonde extensions and fake tan thing; not exactly my most natural choice or the healthiest to be honest.

So a return to dark brown ensued after an over enthusiastic encounter with a London salon that will not be named and grey toner and complete aversion to dying my hair full stop in attempt to rectify the damage for three years, thus ending up with very long very dark hair.

Anyway, enough of my hair, Back to Bellisimos Hair and what they do best. For a start they use Keune products. This is a massive plus if you are going for a big change or even considering it. Keune is a family business that was founded in the Netherlands in 1922. Even after 65 years with the company the founder’s sons still turn up to work every day. From their HQ in Soest in the Netherlands they export to 70 countries.

So what better partnership to form? Bellisimos’s ethics are the perfect match for a company that cares for their clients and their hair, the perfect addition to their already thriving aesthetics clinics in Cardiff, London, Dubai and Marbella.

Carla decided to turn my dark hair blonde in two stages to protect my hair, a mix of dark and light blondes to begin with (I’ll put it out there, this is not a quick process). To be honest considering how dark it was to begin with, it was a bit of a pleasant surprise that it was so light the first time. Due to the Keune products used my hair felt a lot softer than I thought it would too; albeit three inches loss of split ends, so after my first appointment I left a lot lighter with a choppy fringe and a blunt cut.

Three weeks later I literally skipped into the salon, super happy from the new colour, excited for the next colour change and it was two days before my best friend’s wedding…. No pressure!

In my wisdom I wanted to be lighter again for her big day and in my own typical style; I’d only tried the bridesmaid dress on with dark hair (it could have been interesting).

Bellisimos Hair is the latest addition to Bellisimos Aesthetics

So, whilst sipping on a glass of champagne with my laptop at hand I settled into my chair and Carla started the second transformation…

Using Keune products, my hair was lightened again and finished with a conditioning treatment, an hour and a half later I left the salon a LOT blonder.

As you can see by the images, it has been a big change and not a quick one either. It’s always so so important to choose a good salon. Social media doesn’t help to be honest, with images of dark hair transformed to white blonde (a lot of the time these ‘transformations’ via celebrities are wigs too) I can’t stress enough how important it is to visit a salon like Bellisimos Hair, even if you are just thinking of a change, let alone going ahead and doing it.

Serious bit over. It’s been such a great change and I’m so happy with the outcome. The service at Bellisimos Hair was above and beyond.

Was it worth it? 110% yes, it’s just as healthy as before when it was dark.