Huda Beauty has her say on Welsh beauty

Huda Beauty has her say on Welsh beauty

Imagine my face when I received an email from the PR representative of Huda Beauty for the UK? Obviously, I checked first if it was meant for me…

Actually it was! I am super excited to say that this is probably a dream collab for myself.

To celebrate, Beauty mogul Huda Kattan, founder & CEO of Huda Beauty, has commissioned research that confirms the enduring power of lashes with 40% of all women surveyed saying they wear false eyelashes on a regular basis and 70% of millennial women wearing false eyelashes on a girls’ night out.

In the fast-paced world of beauty trends, one thing is for sure – women of the UK want to look and feel their best – and lashes definitely help women do just that! The survey reveals that 70% of millennial women feel confident when wearing false lashes and 60% feel beautiful. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that over 40% will wear them on a date!

And what’s more, it’s pretty clear that the women of Wales really do love their lashes:

  • 66% of Welsh women would like to bring a sense of glamour to their everyday lives
  • A quarter (25%) of Welsh women wear falsies every day
  • Half (50%) of Welsh women wear false eyelashes on a date
  • A quarter (25%) of Welsh women would rather give up fake tan than their falsies
  • 21% of Welsh women would rather give up chocolate than their false lashes
  • 1 in 10 Welsh women would rather give up dating apps than their false lashes
  • 1 in 10 Welsh women would rather give up Netflix than their false lashes

You heard it here first! With that in mind,  my first instinct was to contact Gemma and Jay , as who better to translate Welsh Beauty than those two.

From the outset, Huda had a passion to empower women through her love of beauty. She says, “Beauty can change the way women feel about themselves. I believe a woman who is confident can take over the world. I wear lashes every single day and I know first-hand how much they change how I feel walking into a room, so the results of this survey do not surprise me at all. I swear by false lashes to feel confident and beautiful so there are a lot of things I would choose to give up before my lashes!”  Today, Huda’s Instagram account is the most followed beauty brand on Instagram with nearly 33 million followers taking inspiration from her signature glamourous looks, beauty tips and DIY’s.

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