Meet Milk & Blush

Meet Milk & Blush

Ok, so in my wisdom I had all my hair chopped off and dyed from almost black to white blonde, so yeah; I fancied a change.

You know the next thing I’m going to say, I got bored.

This happens with me, as you’ve probably gathered.

Enter Milk & Blush Extensions….  Great hair extensions, like a perfectly applied foundation, naturally complement the very essence of your beauty.

They first revealed our clip in hair extensions to the world over 15 years ago, the word quickly spread amongst beauty editors, a new beauty product was born.

“We were there, right at the beginning, before YouTube pop-up brands existed.  As original creators, every ounce of our experience and industry leading knowledge is poured into perfecting our product for you.  You will see our influences and originality across the entire industry, running deep in the veins of a brilliantly successful product category.”

Guess what, they work. they work well. I’ve had keratin extensions before now (yes rrp £850 a head)

So this is what my hair looks like normally….

They match your hair perfectly, there’s different weights and lengths and they are super easy to fit as well.

Am I trying to grow my hair now? yes…

However, in the meantime I’m hooked on

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