Introducing Chips Fashion

Introducing Chips Fashion

So this week, in between my core clients I’ve been freelancing for a company in Ibiza, as well as planning a trip there to meet clients and as well as hopefully seeing family in Italy before the end of the summer.

Even as I type this (at 7.30am on a sunday) I think it’s all about balance, fashion to me now is all about what I love and sometimes where it came from, creating a memory on times as well as creating a look.

It appears the founders of Chips felt this way too. Chiara and Ipi, an Italian and a German-Argentine, wife and husband are the founders of Chips Fashion.

“We met in 2014 for the most classic destiny games in Ibiza, and since then, the joy of life and the positive energy of this island have remained faithful to us.
Chips Fashion represents who we are and what we think is important in fashion: the freedom to wear a piece of clothing that really expresses itself, because beauty is just that for us”.

They  have selected different brands with a strong character, high quality fabrics and an independent feel to the design, thiscollection covers knitwear for the city that can also be thrown over a pair of cut off shorts and a vest  get the next plane to Ibiza.

“That’s why our motto is “Chips suits you”. No matter what your mission in the world is, you can carry it”.

Visit to see the full collection

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