Fashion meets Fitness with Gibson Girl

Fashion meets Fitness with Gibson Girl


GIBSON GIRL sportswear is for independent, confident and cool women – with high expectations.

A flattering fit is at the core of everything they create.  They create each style to deliver perfectly proportioned, ergonomically constructed pieces to create the most complimentary lines possible. Tummies look flatter, bottoms seem to lift and waists appear to lose an inch or so. It’s been tried and tested on every “body type”.

And get this ladies… they are squat proof, true story.

Elevating a woman’s self confidence is an integral part of the Gibson Girl ethos and what their activewear range stands for.

If the above hasn’t converted you yet? Check out the detailing… It’s off the scale; polka dots or pinstripes anyone?


check them out on instagram or click on link to shop Gibson Girl


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