Holiday Skincare

Holiday Skincare

Sitting here a week after I took this photo, with what little tan I had now fading, I’m catching up on blog posts after a busy but amazing week.

As you can see; I didn’t inherit my father’s olive skin (goodness knows what part of Wales that comes from), but regardless of skin type it’s good to look after your skin.

I’m lucky to work with Brooks Aesthetics and a few weeks before my holiday I had my eyebrows micro-bladed with them.

It’s actually not as scary as it sounds, but as you’ve probably guessed I’m not that great at a full face of make up, combining that with a skincare routine from Alumier and I can honestly say, just the tinted sunscreen (factor 50 btw) and a coat of waterproof mascara and I was done.

It’s a quick and easy way to frame your face, and in my case, four products less in the morning!

If you click on Brooks Aesthetics Clinic there’s more information what they do, and all consultations are free of charge.


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