Protocol, skincare that tastes great

Protocol, skincare that tastes great

As you may have gathered, I love an easy life when it comes to skincare.

So yes, I do love a bit of botox (come on girls, who doesn’t)

However, last month I started to use Proto Col. Ok, truth is it’s not instant; for me it was a good three weeks before a visible change.

This is a great supplement that actually works, smoother skin, fine lines disappear and my nails definitely are stronger (especially as they are super flaky in the winter).

So why am I a fan?

My job varies, as much as it is my intention to to blog full time, my role as a digital consultant has taken me all over Europe in the past  year. So, from sitting on the side of a rugby pitch, to visiting Italy and Ibiza, coupled with a full face of make up on photo shoots my skin is in an ever changing environment.

The reason I say this? Protocolfits in perfectly with my routine and it’s perfect to take on my travels too.

I’ve been combining the gel sachets with the collagen cordial and the skincare (the facial gel is AMAZING).

Don’t take my word for it though, visit Brooks Aesthetics

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