Quarantine Hair and other stuff...

Quarantine Hair and other stuff...

We are now three weeks in and who is feel a little less polished?

With the internet full of at home ‘beauty hacks’ what is safe and what’s downright silly?

I’m super lucky to have an amazing friend who is not only a session stylist he has his own salon; he’s also dyed my very dark brown hair white blonde (this I may add in my opinion is NOT a lockdown project for anyone)

So, Jay has kindly shared a bit of love before anyone decides to do anything too drastic and it’ll be over three posts in the next week or two, here’s one for the roots scenario (in his words I may add) … thank me later!


STOP! DONT! Ok so as a professional, I don’t recommend box dyes , not the best idea , just isn’t cute.

I understand and I can appreciate with current circumstances, you ladies will want do

something about ROOTS and here’s what you can do until your local hair salon is back open to

business … DO NOT USE BOX DYE FACT! It’ll undo all the love and care that you spent getting to where you were before lockdown.

However l’oreal have got an amazing choice of colour root s. This will cover up the greys and rootage temporarily without any damage and its

simply simple to use.

Step 1: Choose your hair colour(s) to match your colour.

Step 2: Protect your clothes. Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothing.

Step 3: Shake, shake, shake. Shake the can well before each use.

Step 4: Get ready to spray. Hold the can four to six inches away from dry hair and spray. What to keep in

mind: Less is more! Over-spraying your hair may cause hair to feel dry. Also, if you’re looking for all-over colour, you may need to use more than one can, depending on the length and thickness of your mane.

Step 5: Be patient. Wait a few minutes for the colour to dry completely.

Step 6. Style. Style your hair as you wish (more on that later)

If you are unsure or just want to be nosy   click on  J C Hair


Next step…. and yes I spoke to Jay about this, is THIS. So, I have warm tones in my hair, and I decided I wanted to go blonde again (under his supervision obvs) My Colour using the graphite shampoo to take the brassiness out of it.

My Haircare™  develop hair care that is wellness oriented with emphasis on delivering true wellness brands from cleanest professional grade ingredients to the entire supply chain,  they aim to develop hair care that is not only kind to the planet and vegan but also sustainable and sourcing responsible raw ingredients and manufacturing processes for a healthier planet.

Hair care that is unique and on trend delivering results that are easy to use and time efficient for the customer. Vegan and plant-derived ingredients for all hair and skin types.

Below is after one wash…. the main pick above is after two.

Any questions you’d like to ask, just give me a shout!



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