Introducing White Lotus.... The new rose crystal beauty range

Introducing White Lotus.... The new rose crystal beauty range

I am so so excited, I’m getting more and more into natural beauty ranges since quarantine.

As you know I’m a bit lazy when it comes to beauty and anti ageing in particular, my clients at Brooks Medi Spa are amazing, but as we are all in quarantine I’ve been super lucky to try the new White Lotus  crystal facial range.

Already popular with celebrities and influencers like Stevie Ruffs, Tallia Storm and Carolina Olivera. The White Lotus range allows clients to go online and have the ideal crystals for their crystal facial selected by Skin type, Chakra or acupuncture meridian. This then provides a customised
recommendation from 5 major crystals amethyst, jade, rose quartz, clear quartz and
tourmaline. Each selection is unique to the individual.. It is an ideal at home beauty ritual
for those unable to reach or afford a 5 star clinic.

Each Crystal Facial contains
The White Lotus Activated Crystal Face serum
The Double headed Crystal Roller
The organic Green Tea Face Oil
The Crystal Gua Sha

The Crystal serum is unique to White Lotus. It contains genuine crystals rather than being
crystal infused. These crystals have been shown to enhance the naturally occurring far
infrared rays in the atmosphere onto the skin causing a dramatic increase in the skins

I didn’t want to write about this straight away as It’s a bit fake doing that isn’t it? so I’ve used the above products (minus the tea tree oil)

Instead of the green tea oil I’ve been using coconut oil instead (my skin is super dry and I find this works – but everyone is different)  It ensures that the Gua Sha can smoothly glide across the skin, using this felt like it was smoothing your jaw line and cheeks bones.

All White Lotus crystal beauty tools are delivered in a beautiful silk lined box. This was the
traditional way of storing similar beauty tools in ancient China and White Lotus is glad to
be able to continue this tradition

About White Lotus
“We do one simple thing, we distill the ancient beauty secrets of the far east to create
timeless modern beauty rituals”

White Lotus has existed for almost 20 years. Founded by acupuncturists it provides
access to quality education and products from the ancient beauty practices of the world.
Experts in Crystal Beauty tools the White Lotus commitment to Chemical free crystal and
its sustainable lifetime guarantee on all beauty tools is unique in the beauty industry.


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