When dining in is the new going out... Did someone say Zoom?

When dining in is the new going out... Did someone say Zoom?


First off… Apologies for the influx of selfies, I’m actually going to figure the timer bit on my lovely Nikon tomorrow.

So, in the meantime I thought I’d feel a little more polished before I logged on Saturday night to catch up with my friends via zoom.

I’m kind of bored of gym kit and “prison issue grey” joggers (the gym kit boredom may have something to do with the amount of 5km challenges  I’ve been nominated for) so Saturday meant it was any excuse to dress up and do my make up.

So excuse the roots, and yes I caught a little bit too much sun on my run.  However, it was so nice to put a dress on and do my make up…. even if it was dinner in my dining room via my laptop and friends the other side of the screen.

So, lockdown is not ideal for your routine, or is it?

I’ve found that although I’m still working I’ve got more time for my beauty routine.

First off, there’s the little things that can lighten your mood, as much as I joked about it; use your hour’s exercise outside for a run,  a spritz of perfume … little ‘bits of normal’

I’ve been super lucky to still work with my amazing clients Brooks Aesthetics      as they continue their amazing work online and the products I still love from Alumier and Protocol are available via mail order from Brooks.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to (obviously) take a rest from my hair extensions and my lashes have also taken a break too.

I wish i’d taken ‘before’ pictures…. however, I’ve seen a massive difference in the length and thickness using Lilash

It’s the perfect time now to take a break from some beauty routines and try some new ones…






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