Air & Grace... Walking on air

Air & Grace...  Walking on air




Air & Grace make ‘astonishingly comfortable’* shoes that quite simply look amazing.

Throughout her 20 year career working in the footwear industry, our founder Claire often found herself the only woman in the room at range meetings fighting the case for shoes women actually wanted to wear…

Frustrated with the notion that comfort and style could not co-exist, she took the leap to go it alone and create Air & Grace – shoes as covetable as they are comfortable.

*India Knight, The Sunday Times

That, I think is literally the best way to sum up Air and Grace    , you can see everything from the beautiful powder pink packaging to the minimal logo free shoes themselves has been thought of in great detail.

Their shoes are designed to transcend seasonal fast fashion fads, as you can see by this post and my previous post  ( Still a little bit of Summer) you can wear this with a skirt or dress as above, or they look great with a biker jacket and a more relaxed look (I know 100% these will be an essential when I go to Italy end of the month as they will be perfect with cut offs as well as pretty little dresses.

So, apart from looking amazing, I can promise you 100% that they can be worn all day…

“Hidden in the soles of our trainers our Tender Loving Air® footbed means you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. Our boots and espadrilles also benefit from layers of high performance cushioning foam, incorporated into the shoe itself, to make them feel like wearing trainers!”

Unique to Air & Grace, It’s created from three different layers of luxurious memory and recovery foam cushioning, shaped into a wedge, cleverly hidden inside the shoe.

The result? All the benefits of a technical trainer wrapped up in a fashion shoe, so you can enjoy walking on air without compromising on style.



Here’s the link for Air and Grace promise you will not be disappointed!

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