Dreamwear by Meeka

Dreamwear by Meeka


How is everyone’s lockdown going?

I’m feeling a bit calmer this time, my house is still in a constant state of movement, anyone else become an interior designer this time round rather than a baker? My Christmas decorations are slowly  finding their way out of the laundry room cupboards.

As the sunshine from our hot summer cools and the nights draw in, my focus has been on  creating a positive environment as I’m working from home, It’s 10pm

and I’m typing this in a Meeka nightshirt.
“Meeka was birthed as a result of the proposal by my wonderful husband to be – whilst on my perpetual quest for wedding paraphernalia and accessories I couldn’t find the bridesmaids robes that were right for me and, with several friends searching for the same thing, I decided to develop my own”

The idea was to develop a luxurious sleepwear line, that specializes in robes and pyjamas, that can be enjoyed by everyone, every day. The collection aims at providing timeless quality pieces to last that have the right combination of comfort, romance and elegance.

The brand is built around sustainability, as the collection is inspired by nature, reflected in the earthy tones, ethical organic materials and recyclable trims. We have also thought about reducing our carbon footprint by growing trees, using reusable packaging and making our clothing 100% recyclable.

We also offer a personal monogramming service which is guaranteed to add an extra special touch to your MEEKA dream-wear!







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