Details from the Independents and more....

Details from the Independents and more....


Oh gosh… where do I start? Usually by now I’m browsing all the glitter and sequins I can find.

But, wait; Mr Drayford has other ideas (for my lovely English readers and you lovely lot in Italy, our esteemed leader has decided on some more restrictions… but I don’t do politics here) . Therefore I thought over the next few posts I’m going to highlight the fabulous independents I know and focus on pieces that can update your wardrobes with what you already have.

Rose & Wren  for example, have the most amazing kitten heels and flats, these would be perfect  for Christmas Day, but fast forward to spring…. Jeans and a pastel knit.

Next stop, a good watch. They don’t have to be scary expensive, a good simple watch will take you all year round,  my lovely clients David Edwards have a great selection of new and pre-loved pieces.

Clutch bags, This HADesign one is perfect, it’s a classic shape, will take you all year round (and it’s also a perfect gift if you are dropping hints). As well as supporting the up and coming, I believe we are looking at our purchases differently now.


I know the jeans and blazer combo is an old one, but I found it’s worked well, the one in the image is almost eight years old. I’ve probably worn it four times maximum.

As this year has played out in the way it has, we’ve not only become more aware, but our consumption of fashion has changed.

 By Rotation was created to transform the way we consume fashion by challenging overconsumption habits. With a more affordable and inclusive approach to enjoying “new” fashion,

“we have created a self-sustaining and conscious community of fashion lovers. We’re making sustainable fashion more accessible and prolonging the life cycle of quality items already in circulation and avoiding the £140 million worth of textile waste that goes to landfill every year”

This includes the most amazing designer bags and accessories too…




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