Say hello to Rose & Wren, the shoes you know you need...

Say hello to Rose & Wren, the shoes you know you need...



I touched on the beautiful Rose and Wren in my last post but I thought I’d share a bit more about this gorgeous label, and it’s equally gorgeous founder.  Lucy and I caught up about Rose and Wren a few days ago, talking about our love of fashion over the past few years and how our twenties looked very different to what we do now.

It was ironic, we’d not seen each other properly for years; but as I walked to meet her; immediately it was apparent that the brand that Lucy had created had it’s muse.

“As you know, I’ve always loved timeless design and classic looks, and wanted to share my love for all things elegant. And so, Rose & Wren was born!”

The collection is carefully curated and individually chosen with elegance as the key thread which runs through the whole collection, as you can see by the images here; I’ve paired the shoes with jeans, but I can also imagine wearing one of the cardigans with faux leather jeans to add an edge to them or over the shoulder of a chiffon dress to brave the chill.

“One of the things I want to achieve with Rose & Wren is to offer timeless pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons – a little touch of affordable luxury, because doesn’t everyone need a little joy right now?!”

The one thing I love so much about my job; is the positives that have come from this pandemic, seeing independent female owned businesses going from strength to strength. It’s been a year of up and downs, but if we can take some positives out of it, it’s definitely the rise of the independents and their personal touch.

“I want Rose & Wren customers to feel special when they make a purchase from us. To wear the clothing and know the personal touches that have gone into the whole process; from the initial selection of the clothing, the detail in way the clothing is packaged to those extra little touches – like our thank you cards included in every package”.


Lucy definitely has the personal touch…

to learn more about Rose & Wren click on this link.

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