Skincare from the ultimate Mermaid...

Skincare from the ultimate Mermaid...

How much has this second lockdown felt different to the first? Maybe it’s the dark nights and colder mornings, I know I feel a bit different this time.

There’s been some positives though, there’s been those breakthrough independents that have been shared via word of mouth and we fell in love, there’s that little bit of selflove that maybe we didn’t feature in the bigger scale of things until we were faced with more time than previously.

Some of us have dipped into our inner thoughts and took a more spiritual approach, or at least become more aware of what we are ingesting, from our skincare to the health of our hair; most importantly its our wellbeing as a whole, creating a set of rituals that creates calm in chaos.

On that note, I was rather lucky to put this theory to the test via Susie Mermaid products, the luxe body butter and the marine retreat bath oil.

For over a decade, holistic facialist and body worker Susie Mermaid has travelled internationally, working with private and celebrity clientele on land, at sea and hosting luxury wellbeing retreats in the Balearic Islands. Guests have often commented on Susie’s intuition, her calming therapeutic touch has been known to leave mermaids and mermen feeling ‘suspended in time’ and ‘floating on air’ for hours afterwards, as you may have seen by my previous posts and social media, my obsession with the sea is real; so this in itself is caught my attention.

“Transcending the norms by going deeper than ‘conventional’ beauty; peace, natural radiance and ethereal beauty shows on the faces of those who have experienced Susie’s bespoke treatments. It was a natural progression to formulate her own organic skin therapy collection, to transport the luxury and escapism of her wellbeing retreats right into the fingertips of all mermaids, wherever they are”.

So lets start with a hot bath after a chilly beach walk…  Detoxifying spirulina blends with mood boosting rosemary and thyme. Nourishing safflower infuses skin with minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids for a therapeutic bath time retreat. The only way in my opinion is to run the bath with Marine Bath Oil close the door and create a cloud of the most delicious steam before soaking long enough for the beautiful oils to do their stuff, I can only describe it as the smell and feeling of a being in a wonderful spa when I closed my eyes.

Team this with the Body Butter , can we just talk texture here? You know when it feels like it’s just all natural? no residue and it just sinks in… I am SUCH a fan.

Ok, just one downside….

Check the ‘Mermaid Cabin’ I just need to get there ASAP!!!

For further details, check out www. and as it’s thursday, here’s a little mermaid themed throwback.



Appealing to all your senses...The Gainsborough

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