Happy New Year, Happy New Haircare

Happy New Year, Happy New Haircare

Happy New Year… and Happy New lockdown.

As you may have seen by some of my previous posts, I’ve been determined to take the positives where I can in this situation and whilst in lockdown at least show a bit of selflove…

With the first lockdown, I kind of went into a blur of working and exercising, maybe it’s the colder weather or a more accepting approach this time, I just feel there’s more a nest building approach as we cocoon ourselves at home and literally wait for spring shoots (in more ways than one).

This reflective period however has also I think given us the opportunity to support independents and new brands, that are kinder to our skin and hair as well as the environment.

AZURE haircare kindly sent me the most amazing parcel of their products, they are by Planet Friendly Beauty – are a revolutionary haircare line, which is free from sulfates, parabens and silicones, vegan and full of naturally – sourced ingredients has been unveiled by Lesley Clarke, Co-Founder of the Nicky Clarke hairdressing, haircare and styling empire.

Promising highly effective, affordable haircare which is also kind to the planet, AZURE’s range of 14 shampoos, conditioners and hairstyling products have been developed using Lesley’s 30 years of industry.

I have naturally very thick wavy hair, my ‘real’ colour is dark brown, but I’ve been blonde for a while now… and yes, I know it’s self-inflicted; the tendency for it to go dry means that I need to use nourishing products more often than not.

The Mask was incredible, as was the Healthy Shine Shampoo and conditioner, being blonde can sometimes mean dullness if you don’t look after your hair, so the oils in these products were gratefully received by my follicles, also – if you are going to love ONE product from this range, it’s got to be the heat protecting shield, no matter what they say on the packaging… straighteners are not that healthy! This counteracted some of the damage.

“Naturally-sourced ingredients – including avocado oil, sugars from seaweed, chia seed extract, and sustainably-sourced African Baobab Extract–carefully combined in gentle formulations to create a holistic collection of products developed to rectify the most common hair complaints including frizz, split ends, flyaway hair and hairstyle protection from the elements”

Also (and this is the bit I love) the packaging has also been developed with the natural world in mind

all bottles are created using sugar cane, which is 100% renewable, and everything, the bottles, jars, caps and even the labels are 100% recyclable; how amazing is that?

Click on the link below for more info…

Azure Hair

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