The best brows in London just came home

The best brows in London just came home

So… before I start, I apologise for the images above as this does NOT do these amazing products justice.

As you may have gather’s by my face, I have inherited my father’s dark hair and eyebrows (sadly not the olive skin, I have my welsh mother’s ivory skin to thank for my slightly paler than average complexion), so my brows are very much apart of my face and expression.

“Did you also know that 70% of your facial expressions depend on your brows, too? This is why (amongst many other reasons) it is really worth spending the time on perfecting your brows”

Looking at her website, you can see why Shavata is so successful, Shavata’s brow studios are the ultimate, luxury destination for those people in search of the perfect brows. With over 30 years of experience, Shavata blends the traditional skill of precision threading and specialist waxing and tinting, to instantly frame the face, creating a flawless look.

“Coming to Shavata’s Singh London studios is more than about the treatment; it is an experience in itself and clients can expect luxury care, and to be understood. At Shavata’s studios, the lightest of touches can have the most dramatic results”

The Shavata Brow Studio specialises in a range of fabulous brow beauty treatments to help you achieve the most striking and eye-catching look whilst feeling your best self. Leading this empire of eyebrow grooming is the brow guru herself, Shavata Singh.

I’ve not plucked my brows since before the first lockdown, combining that with a not so great microblading appointment means I constantly pencil my brows. From products smudging too much, to being to dark / fake, believe me I’ve tried loads. So you can imagine my joy when a rather lovely package arrived from London containing the most wonderful products.

As you can see by the video above, the products are so easy to use!

Her clientele consists of high-profile celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Adele, just to name a few.

I can’t wait to visit the salon in Knightsbridge post lockdown


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