Stepping into Spring in Monochrome

Stepping into Spring in Monochrome


As you may have guessed I do love a blue and neutral, however Black will always be my go to choice.

So, as the weather gets a little bit warmer and we are hopefully a bit nearer to a social life it’s a great time to sort out, sell or give to charity.

I think during the past year we have leant towards a more sustainable wardrobe, either supporting our friends and independents or realising that we don’t really need to buy multiple outfits when we are not going anywhere.

Those multiple fast fashion outfits add up to forever pieces… and you are solving all kinds of problems by your purchasing power. (please, please don’t get me started on fast fashion, working conditions and fake goods… I will go on forever).


Back to the lovely subject in hand, you may have seen my gorgeous friend Lucy’s brand called Rose & Wren previously, she’s gone from strength to strength during the pandemic with her touch of obtainable luxury.

Alongside Lucy’s brand I will always love Sienna Alexander


Last but not least, I am so excited to wear this blazer on a night out….

From Odd Muse this is the perfect fit blazer and is a lockdown label triumph

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