Summer streamlining and THE most perfect pair of shorts!

Summer streamlining and THE most perfect pair of shorts!


Confession… I’m all for body positivity, but I’m a bit embarrassed to say, my thighs and I have not always been the best of friends.

It’s been so lovely to see rays of sunshine and warmer weather, you may have noticed in my other blog post, we’ve been focusing on the positives for the Sunnier months that’ll be with us sooner than you think (I can’t wait to share my hot list of female owned brands!) and even though the gyms are open, I’ve kept up my running outdoors and taken my yoga matt outside.

Seeing the beautiful dresses and shorts from some of my favourite brands, I decided to take a step in the right direction and popped in the see Daniella and India at Beauty Advance Laser Clinic.

Their amazing team at the Clinic believe we are all beautiful in different ways, however, they are there should you want to change something that maybe bothering you; and are trained to assist you regarding aesthetics.

“We see the end of lockdown as a new start, the weather is nicer there’s more of a buzz and we want to help our clients take a healthier more positive step. Sometimes there are stubborn pockets of body fat that just won’t budge, no matter how hard you diet or exercise? At our clinic we can help reduce your lumps and bumps at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery with our Fat Freezing”.

​Fat Freezing is a completely non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for the reduction of body fat. It selectively targets troublesome areas of fat such as muffin tops, love handles and back fat, or in my case… dimply thighs!

This treatment does not require any anaesthetic, time off work, Its also a perfect lunchtime treatment that potentially can be combined with others.

Fat Freezing has no risk of infection as it is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, which allows the fat to be frozen away through Cryoliposis and gets disposed of out of our body’s natural digestive process alongside the clinic’s massaging techniques.

I’ve had some amazing results, it does need a little commitment from both sides, but after a course of treatments incredible results can be seen.

With this in mind, I’ve combined it with the most incredible smelling product to tackle cellulite, called Legology




“Legology is the result of a long voyage to realise a dream.  Ever since I started writing about beauty some 25 years ago I’ve been fascinated by legs and their wellbeing”

This is a dedicated brand that offers inclusive support for leg shape, comfort and health.  After many years of research, Kate; the founder of Legology finally got to work with a highly respected French chemist on the formulas, creating them from scratch to make them genuinely pioneering, effective and – importantly – wonderful to use and wear.

Frequency brings results with beauty, so in her mind products must feel like a joy to use, never a chore.  she asked the perfume house Robertet to create an elegant signature scent for Legology – something that evokes holidays and makes you feel carefree, confident and full of positive energy from the feet up, every time they’re used.




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