White Lotus and haircare the holistic way...

White Lotus and haircare the holistic way...


Ok, there’s so many things I was to say about what I’ve learnt about the beauty industry in the past few years; whether it’s animal testing (THAT my dear reader is a whole new article that I am preparing myself for) or using natural products where you can.

              When it comes to collaborating with brands, you may have noticed I’m a long-term relationship kind of girl, and I don’t do one-offs where I can, as I believe you need to fall in love with the brand and the ethos before you even look at products, the more I learn the more feel stronger about this.

In April 2020 at the beginning of lockdown I collaborated with the incredible White Lotus, their philosophy is to create natural products from natural ingredients proven by millennium of safe use. In doing so White Lotus acts not only as a manufacturer but also as an educator and conduit for knowledge of many of these anti-aging techniques that may otherwise have been lost.

Lockdown for me gave me time to learn more, focus on better ways of looking after others and myself, thus supporting independent brands and avoiding fast fashion and focusing on a more plant-based lifestyle.

I use my rose quartz gua sha tool almost everyday, it’s cooling and depuffing powers are a part of my routine, its kind of calming in a way.

So, speaking to them again was an absolute pleasure post lockdown, I was clearly aware of the benefits of crystals in a skincare routine on your face and body, but did you know about the benefits of crystals in your hair car routine also?

Part of the parcel they sent me included the most beautiful crystal hair and body comb made of jade, these have existed in China for decades. Pure A grade Jade crystal that is not chemically treated has always been prized in China as the Queen of Stones – as valuable as gold.

This stunning Jade comb was traditionally called a Gua sha comb. The Chinese believe that using pure Jade crystal on the scalp and body not only helps stimulate acupressure points for health and wellbeing but also creates lovely silky smooth hair and skin, it is considered a beneficial practise to utilise in your daily grooming regime. A wonderful daily ritual that gives combing your hair and body a distinct luxury treatment.

“The entire comb is hand carved painstakingly from a single luxury piece of pure natural untreated jade. It is an original piece of crystal artwork.”

Traditionally Jade was always kept in a silk lined box in China and many of the prestigious Women and Men from the ancient lineage of the emperors used Jade combs on their hair and body as a symbol of power, wealth and prestige.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view the scalp is lined with 12 main acupuncture channels and meridians, packed with acupressure points. By brushing the hair, body and scalp carefully these points can be activated and stimulated for wellbeing and health.”

My jade comb has travelled with me and it’s part of my morning and evening routine, this routine continues even in my sleep via their silk pillowcases.

These are made from ethically sourced silk in which the worms are not killed in the harvesting and go on to become moths, mate and renew the cycle; therefore being kind to our skin and hair and the beautiful creatures that create the silk that we love so much, it’s know as ‘peace silk’

So what happens? The Silk pillow case forms a delicate moisture barrier against the skin. The pillowcase ensures the skin’s vital moisture does not leech out overnight in the same way it does on cotton pillowcases, it smooths the hair on your head at the same your skin. Silk contains much smoother fibres than cotton and so cause far less irritation to your skin and hair thus stops breakages and friction.

White Lotus do more than create beautiful things, for beautiful skin and hair, it’s like touching something that’s almost magical in how it makes you feel, whether it’s because you know it’s been created with love, or there’s something more to it.

I’m smitten…


visit https://whitelotusbeauty.com/collections/all

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