The NüForm Clinic and a new kind of skincare

The NüForm Clinic and a new kind of skincare


Ok, so you’ve probably gathered I’m rather outspoken about knowing who you are dealing with when it comes to aesthetics, social media is littered with ‘special offers’ before and after airbrushed images; combining that with my strong views on animal testing and cruelty free beauty.

What people rarely advertise on these glossy pictures is the fact that anyone can buy filler online, therefore who is injecting you? In fact to test the theory, I went as far as the checkout and postage on three UK based websites (for the bargain price of £38 for filler as well), without anyone stopping me purchasing it. Which brings me round to why  NüForm educates as well as treat clients.

A few weeks ago I spoke to Tom at , his clin NüForm is is the only Consultant led Aesthetics and bespoke skincare clinic in South Wales.. Nüform prides itself on being a medical practitioner led service based on the highest clinical and ethical practices.

Nüform was formed by Tom and Charlotte when they found that many of their cleft patients were being denied fillers by most practitioners due to the presence of lip scarring and lack of experience treating these often complex cases.  This led to them becoming one of the first cleft services in the UK to run a dedicated lip filler clinic, using HLA filler to restore balance and symmetry to patient’s lips. During this process they found that many patients were choosing aesthetic practitioners based on affordability as opposed to qualification and expertise. Nüform was conceived to provide a service that would be delivered by highly skilled, qualified, leading experts in their field.

To say the above is reassuring is an understatement. When I visited their pristine clinic just outside Cowbridge, I sat and spoke to Dr Tom about how they work and my expectations, I’m 42 years old and I’m realistic in what my skin will look like.

Their signature style is to enhance a client’s features, not take over. For example he encourages a lighter touch with anti-wrinkle injections, encouraging movement and smoothness rather than a frozen expression that looks fake, and that suits me fine.

Their ethical and honest approach is refreshing and welcomed by new and existing clients.  The lack of regulation in the field of medical aesthetics is currently receiving press attention so more and more clients are choosing a clinic with strong medical roots, where potential risks are discussed and appropriate aftercare is delivered.

The clinic offers aesthetic treatments such as Profhilo , Sunekos, Toxins, FDA approved dermal fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma facials, a range of chemical peels, microneedling and prescribed skin care regimens. NüForm is changing the landscape of Aesthetics in South Wales.

I chose to have Profhilo and anti-wrinkle treatment on my forehead and around my eyes (please note these are treatments over more than one appointment).

“Each prospective client should expect a thorough consultation and clinical examination with a customised treatment plan tailored to their individual needs. The ethical basis of our practice means that each client will be allowed time to digest all the information presented before committing to undergo any treatment.”

This is something Dr Tom does very well, he puts you at ease speaking to you rather than at you in medical jargon.

Their ethos means you won’t see the before and after pictures of clients, as they guard their privacy in that respect, however as you know… I’m more than happy to tell you all about my treatment.

So, post consultation, I saw Dr Tom two weeks later (please note, you need to be organised with this guy as he can get busy) for my first Profhilo appointment.

This is a series of injections in key points in your face, Hyaluronic Acid stimulates tissue and increases collagen production for younger-looking skin. Due to the its high spreadability, only five injection points on each side of the face are needed, which means patients find the treatment much more comfortable.

Whereas fillers plump a certain area in your face, Profhilo gives the overall complexion a boost of moisture, this is two appointments usually two weeks apart. The actual process isn’t painful, I’d say more uncomfortable for the ten of so seconds each time Dr Tom injected the product, each patient is different though when it comes to pain threshold and down time.

Downtime, ok… first thing to remember here is down time is a definite overnight thing, make sure you have not made plans! It’s not uncomfortable however, I had white dots where the injections were, it’s so, so important to keep post treatment areas clean so I’d recommend not even covering these with make up for the sake of 10-12 hours.

On the subject of post treatment, I was advised that the second treatment is the one you notice more, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once again we are always advised every patient is different but, I noticed within a week my skin did feel smoother.

Second treatment; this in my mind wasn’t as painful. Maybe it’s because I kind of knew what to expect. What I wasn’t expecting was the outcome. The texture of my skin was completely different, less fine lines and really smooth.

The picture below is in direct sunlight with NO makeup apart from mascara and tinted moisturiser it’s post-holiday and a month after having Profhilo.

To conclude, this treatment is an absolute game changer if you are looking for a subtle but effective change in your skin.

I’ve attached a link for  below, NüForm Profhilo and wrinkle relaxing injections are only a tiny bit of what they do.







To conclude, this treatment is an absolute game changer if you are looking for a subtle but effective change in your skin.

I’ve attached a link for  NüForm below, Profhilo and wrinkle relaxing injections are only a tiny bit of what they do.

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