Winter sun, holiday beauty checklist

Winter sun, holiday beauty checklist


Ok, so it’s getting rather cold now and with travel restrictions easing, who is also thinking of winter sun? Long haul is definitely on the cards in the next few months, as I’m sure a few of you are also tempted.

Over the next day or two I’m going to be sharing my favourite independent beauty and fashion pieces for travelling and at home, these are what I used when I went away and if we get to go long haul in January, they will definitely be my go to products.

First off, I have been collaborating with Balmain hair for a while, they are incredible products, super luxurious and totally cruelty free.

Balmain Hair factor 50 protection spray for your hair is a must have, the formula is enriched with protective UVA and UVB filters helps to nourish and condition sun, sea or chlorine exposed hair. Prevents hair colour fading and keratin damage. I combine this with the spray on conditioner; this conditions hair and scalp, smoothes hair cuticle. Gives body, volume, care and conditioning during the day. Creates easy manageable, flexible and shiny hair. With protective UV-filters. For a slick side parted pony lots of this and their hair serum creates a lovely shine and protects your hair.

I the subject of haircare did you notice my White Lotus Jade comb? This is so beautiful, it’s almost like a piece of jewellery.

This  stunning Jade comb was traditionally called a Gua sha comb. The Chinese believe that using pure Jade crystal on the scalp and body not only helps stimulate acupressure points for health and wellbeing but also creates lovely silky smooth hair and skin, it is considered a beneficial practise to utilise in your daily grooming regime. A wonderful daily ritual that gives combing your hair and body a distinct luxury treatment.

It is an original piece of crystal artwork. I use this everyday, and even took it with my rose quartz Gua Sha on holiday alongside Wo Skincare. They generously sent me the perfect amount of products for holiday and it’s so much easier than packing lots of bottles and jars. Wo Skincare packaging is made from up to 80% recycled PET and is 100% recyclable — thanks to the fact there are no pumps, no plastic wrap, and no glossy varnish — plus, there are secondary protective boxes that often generate a ton of excess waste.


 Wǒ Skincare is a new brand that launched at the end of 2020, but many in the industry are predicting it to make waves in 2021. ‘Wǒ’ means ‘I’ or ‘myself’ in Mandarin, which reflects the brand’s range of mix and match, mono-dose products. Each blister pack or vial contains enough for exactly one application, and you can purchase them in 2, 4, or 8 week dosages so you’re not committing to huge amounts of creams and serums at a time. The idea is that you can tailor your routine to your exact skin type and concerns, and then easily add and swap products out depending on the time of year or how your skin is feeling.

The brand offers creams, balms, oils, and cleansers, as well as a collection of “Power TonIQ”, which are basically treatment serums, including the Wo Skincare Power TonIQ Instant Radiance Boosting Essence (this is incredible by the way, I’m usually a massive fan of The Organic pharmacy serum or Vitamin C serum from Ole Henrikson , but the texture of this was lovely) .

On the subject of skincare Eve Lom is my go to for everyday SPF on my face whether I am on holiday or not. It’s a new generation in daily sunscreen that provides broad spectrum defence against both UVA and UVB rays, as well as protecting from pollution, free radicals and environmental damage, if there was one skincare product for travelling, it’d be this one every time. Teaming this with the ever classic Hawaiian Tropic range of products including their latest; Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Milk, their first sun lotion with 100% mineral filters for UVA and UVB protection.  The packaging is made from 25% recycled plastic, and the lotions are vegan, cruelty free and reef friendly too; whilst still having that scent that reminds you of their original suncreams.

Lastly, I’ve only ever used one toothpaste brand for the past few months and this wont be changing for the foreseeable, you NEED to take this on all your travels regardless (even my dentist was like, gosh your teeth are white aren’t they)

For healthy white teeth without the compromise, I use L.A. PACIFIC 4 in 1 Protection Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste. This Vegan toothpaste actually does whiten your teeth from day 1. The enzyme converts sugars in your mouth into natural hydrogen peroxide, helping to remove stains while also protecting your mouth from bacteria that use sugar, whilst Pacific sea salt works as a natural polisher to clean your teeth and optical brighteners that leave a sparkling hue on your teeth creating an instantaneous whiter and brighter look, I’m converted!




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