J S Health

J S Health


So, we are almost half way through January and there’s an onslaught of detoxes, weight loss and get fit campaigns bombarding us before we’ve finished the last slice of that Terry’s chocolate orange in the cupboard.

As my diet is mainly plant based, I find it interesting to see new products launching and it’s easier than ever to find great alternatives. If you’d spoken to me two years ago; I’d think it was a crazy statement as I was very much the countryside born and bred carnivore.

With this in mind, I’ve taken to be more mindful of my purchases; it’s an easy step to take if you do not want to commit to Veganuary or strict diets and making it part of your routine, whilst creating actual positive changes.

Which brings me round the other eleven months of the year and J S Health is a supplement brand I have used religiously since they launched and has made a noticeable difference.

JS Health began when it’s founder Jessica Sepel started a blog documenting her struggles with fad dieting and her relationship with food.

Amongst the products she has created includes the Detox + Debloat formula, which is pioneering the supplement space with its research-backed blend of nutrients and herbs delivering extraordinary results. Bloating and an overworked liver are common health concerns, so nutritionist Jessica Sepel set out to create a cutting-edge vitamin to target both.

What I love about these products are they not a fad, it’s a supplement that provides effective relief from bloating, while also supporting liver detoxification processes for wellbeing and confidence.

“Bloating was something I really struggled with, along with many of my patients in nutrition clinic. When I discovered the impressive scientific research on fennel for abdominal bloating, I knew I had to create a transformational vitamin with it. I believe in the synergy between our liver and digestion, so I made this formulation even more powerful by adding detoxification support with Milk Thistle and Turmeric.” – Jessica Sepel, Founder + Nutritionist


I’ve taken advantage of the 20% off subscriptions during January…

Here’s the link

J S Health

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