Living the Dreem....

Living the Dreem....

Winter nights and grey days call for hot baths and freshly moisturised skin; central heating and the elements do our skin no favours this time of year.

. The past few years have been a wonderful learning curve for me in what we use on our bodies, our skin is a living breathing organ and up to 60% of what it absorbs goes into your blood stream.

I was rather looking forward to receiving the Dreem Distillery parcel; from the packaging to the scent, before you even use the product you fall a little bit in love with it.

I received two products, ‘Among the Stars’ body oil and ‘Into the Deep’ bath oil.

 Baths are a gift to dry winter skin. Not only do they provide the all-important relaxation to switch off those skin-damaging stress hormones, but baths are the perfect opportunity to hydrate skin, Into the Deep is ultimate pre-bed aromatherapeutic soak, containing a potent complex of the most effective natural ingredients to induce sleep. The deeply relaxing organic essential oils, finest quality broad-spectrum CBD and soothing arnica of Dreem Complex is enhanced with complimentary botanicals to boost its efficacy.

The addition of organic sunflower oil disperses throughout the bath, providing skin and senses a luxuriously soft, hydrated finish.

‘The most potent sleep-inducing bath oil you can buy. There are relaxing bath oils… and then there is Into the Deep.’ Hayley Dawes, Dreem Distillery Founder

I combined this with the ‘Among the stars’ body oil described as the finest sleep-inducing body oil imaginable, and I can honestly say it lives up to this. A luxuriously lightweight conditioning natural base oil is infused with the Dreem Complex of aromatherapy oils, skin-absorbable CBD and calming botanicals, plus additional organic essential oils renowned for their soporific effects. The result: seriously smoothed skin and a beautifully soothed body and mind. An unparalleled pre-bed treatment that takes the skin and senses to somewhere starlit…

Leaves limbs as soft as my mind is melted; I never head to bed without massaging in this  heavenly body oil’ Hayley Dawes, Dreem Distillery Founder

Sleep is literally the best thing for your mental and physical health, I love being a creative freelancer but sometimes my mind is whirring late at night; I’m one of those people that take a notepad to bed and write things when I wake up in the night; I’m looking forward seeing how these products work over a longer period of time.

What most people don’t realize is that the hours we spend asleep are actually among our most constructive: certain areas of your brain work their hardest during sleep, and skin is best able to repair and regenerate itself at night.

In short, quality sleep is crucial to both skin health and your overall health. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol fall during sleep, which helps skin repair daytime damage, hence other than SPF and make up in the morning I make a point of spending more time on my skincare routine at night so it can really work.

Rituals like the above are perfect for aiding sleep and encouraging health and beauty from the outside in.

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